Pledge of Integrity

Smart internet users know: having reviews on the same website as a store opens up the possibility of conflict of interest.


This is the page where we talk about that, because it needs to be addressed. So, here I am making you a promise, human being to human being.

We are here to serve your best interest.

You are the boss. Here at EUR, we have no loyalty to any particular brand. We are not driven by the almighty dollar. We are fine with barely scraping by making a living so that we can play with micro unicycles all day every day. This is why you don't see every brand available like on most sites. ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU.

At Electric Unicycle Reviews, we provide a smooth road to the most professional and enjoyable micro unicycle investment experience available: service, quality, AND price.


Please do use the contact field located at the bottom of the page throughout the site. Whether or not you're here to buy something, we are here to help YOU.

-- Will Eddy, CEO of


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