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Types of Self Balancing Unicycles

Information from wikipedia. Pictures included for entertainment value.

  • Electric Unicycle (general term) - Any electric unicycle of any design.

  • Electric Unicycle (SBU style) - This is the first generation style electric unicycle, with a seat. See Adam Savage riding above.

  • Micro Unicycle - Any self balancing electric unicycle with no seat. This is the most popular style of electric unicycle.

  • "Wheel," "Uni," "EUC," and sometimes out in the world "airwheel" - Slang terms for a micro unicycle.

  • Monowheel (general term) - Any unicycle, with or without power, that is an unconventional or unpopular design.

  • Monowheel (giant wheel style) - A giant unicycle, with or without power, that you sit inside.

  • Monowheel (other) - Any powered unicycle with an offset seat or platform requiring a counterbalance design.


Here at, we review primarily micro unicycles, as they are the most popular and practical.

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