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Tips for Beginner Micro-Unicycle Riders

The most important things

  1. The most important thing to know when getting started with your first self balancing electric unicycle is, DON'T PUSH YOUR BATTERY TO THE LIMIT. Leave a little charge in the battery at all times. Self balancing electric unicycles, well, need electricity to self balance! Especially beginner units with 174wh or smaller batteries. Don't risk it.
  2. Understand your unit's low-battery warnings and behavior. If it's warning you, CARRY IT HOME. You do not want stitches.
  3. Know your wheel. Read your user manual BEFORE riding. Every uni is different, and even experienced riders make mistakes.

Miscellaneous tips

Before you buy a micro unicycle, please read our section on Choosing your First Electric Unicycle (link here).

  • You're gonna drop your beautiful new electric unicycle. Consider buying a low-priced, small but high quality micro unicycle first for people to learn on and for the friends to use. I'm doing my best to get everyone lowering the prices as fast as possible :)
  • Stick with it! Micro-unicycle takes a few hours or days of practice to get started.

Be patient, and you'll be rolling smooth and fly!

Advanced Tips:

  • Move your feet further out on the pedals, so they're closer to shoulder width, for better control.
  • Keep on learning new maneuvers.
  • The coolest rider is a safe rider. Wear your helmet if you're going over 5mph.
  • Lunge forward and you'll move! Trust the unicycle.