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Huanxi H1 14" 174wh Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Review has been riding the Huanxi H1 for review. First, I'm going to talk about why I chose this brand to purchase for review, and am choosing to recommend it as an alternative to more popular low-priced micro unicycles. After that, you can read about the things I like and dislike about the H1, including the real-world battery stress test for safety.

To see all of the H1's technical specifications, or if you're just looking for the best price on this solid beginner unit, please (click here) to see the H1's entry in our store.

Scroll down to read about our experiences with the Huanxi H1 self balancing micro unicycle!

Huanxi H1 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle small - angle

Why we chose the H1:

  • Aesthetically pleasing, functional design. Most entry-level micro-unis had a design with a big box on top, causing bruises. See an example with the Airwheel X8 linked here. The H1 is the more modern and trendy round style, which is a much better shape for beginners. Rounded pedals that fold flush too! Fewer leg bruises.
  • Swappable/Upgradable 174wh battery. The is the minimum battery size one should consider, allowing approximate 4-6 mile range. You don't want to carry a micro unicycle of this generation very far - they're all heavy :) The battery is the only part of an electric vehicle with a clear limited life span, so having a user replaceable will greatly extend the lifetime of the unit. Swapping can double or triple your range, and down the road improved battery chemistry might provide for upgrade options.
  • Claimed Safer Battery Management. The other brands at this price point have major safety issues (link here). According to Huanxi, the H1 has a proprietary battery management system. Please note that this manufacturers claim is to be verified by continued testing, and an eventual dissection.
  • Light and bluetooth speakers available, but optional. Price for the upgrade is reasonable for those who desire the feature.
  • Not too heavy, but enough unicycle to be useful.
  • Price. Let's be honest, $400-$450 already seems like enough to most people getting started. There needs to be something good for beginners. Here it is!

Critique follows below...

Huanxi H1 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle small - front


  • No big box at the top like first generation micro unicycles. My ankles feel free. No temptation to support myself with my shins, my feet are doing a little more of the work. This took a couple minutes to get used to but boy would that have been great getting started. See the ankle bruise pictures on the generic 132wh unicycle review (link here). This does means fewer options or no option for attaching a luggage handle.
  • Rounded foot pedals. Looks a little nicer, feels about the same when riding it. The difference? Less pain when it smacks into your leg, which it probably will. The foot pedals are flat, not angled. Unless you've ridden something else like the King Song KA-14C (link here), you won't care. But an angle feels better than flat pedals.
  • The charger port is recessed, so it won't get damaged in a roll. However, because it is set in to the unit itself, it isn't the easiest to screw the charger on to. We ended up not screwing it on ever, and it's working just fine. Faster that way anyway. For you, we recommend screwing it on for safety.
  • The optional lights are controlled by the red button, and aren't bright enough to light your way, just enough to let people see you a little better.
  • It's "possible" to get the battery cover off with a coin or screwdriver if you carry that kind of thing around. Can't do it with a credit card. I know a cheap screw and thread when I feel one. But, for the price, fine. Maybe it would be a good place for a thumbscrew.
  • The shiny finish is easy to scratch. BRING EM ON. I'll post pictures as our demo model ages, and oh boy has it aged. Born to be dropped.
  • Bluetooth speakers were not tested, but have been a popular option in our store.

Motor / Power

  • 350 watt motor; the standard entry-level size. If you're over 200lb, this will not be enough power for you. Below that, it will be fine for up to 7 mph or so.
  • The unit makes a quiet electrical hum while it's running, even stopped. It's not silent like higher-end low-power units ie the Airwheel X8.
  • It's not fast. To an experienced rider, this is a "sidewalk only" machine.
  • 5 gradations of battery level is a little better than the 4 simple lights design.
  • The charger isn't making any buzzing or hissing sounds. Those sounds are just scary, and more than half of the brands I test have them.

Battery / Range

  • We pushed this unit to go about 5.5 miles at mostly top speed with some hills.
  • 3 of those miles felt like the unit was operating at full power, then we hit some steep hills.
  • The last half of the battery, the unit feels "squishy," as though the wheel isn't balancing quite as quickly. Lean forward too hard, and you'll lose balance.
  • The battery warning is obvious and forces you to step down, but the unit will restart and run normally afterwards. Do not ride. Charge before riding again.

Durability / Dropping it

  • We're testing this right now. It's had some drops, and is covered in scratches.
  • When you drop it, it rolls in a little circle like an M&M, which is quieter than the "flop" the non-round style models make.

Scroll down for the low battery stress test and more battery information...

Huanxi H1 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle small - side

Low battery safety behavior:

We tested the low battery behavior, and will be posting a video soon. I rode for a full 2 miles on 1 battery bar confirming that if you need to, you could ride the H1 for a total of 5-6 miles. However, the second half of the battery doesn't give the same solid balancing feel; it has a subtle feeling of balancing a little "late" or has a "squishy" feel. This is common to low battery behavior on any current micro unicycles.

If you reach the low battery warning, the H1 beeps like crazy, tilts WAY back, and slows down to make it impossible to ride. So you step down. After that, the unit will restart normally. It is the responsibility of the rider to not ride after the low battery phase. If you ride after the warning, you risk unexpected shutdown, and risk being a safety hazard to those around you. Listen to your micro unicycle. I recommend riding until your battery is no less than 1/3 full.

Important: if you get this one, listen to the safety warning! Don't keep riding on low battery, you will probably fall. I would recommend not even riding very much below 2 battery bars. If the range is too short, it's time to upgrade! Although we have not experienced the H1 having an unexpected shutdown, we recommend operating as though low battery will cause shut down.

Here's a video of the Huanxi H1's low-battery behavior:

Scroll down for the conclusion...

Huanxi H1 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle small - back angle


It's not the fanciest, fastest, most stable, perfect unicycle. In all honesty, I haven't found the perfect ride yet.

But you've got to start somewhere, right! I mean, do you want to be riding one of these (link here)?

This is the unit I wish I had when I got started. It's not the one I ride every day now, but it's still a fun time when I do!

And I know my little sister isn't gonna go too fast when she's on the H1. And neither is my mom.