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Generic Electric Unicycle Review - TG T3 Style 132wh 350w


This style is one of the most common budget micro unicycles. Not the nicest plastic, the battery is too small, and the motor is too small. It's basically a toy micro unicycle. Nothing wrong with that, it's just a fact. This one is good for your first week, for learning. Then it gets really fun, really fast! Then, it feels too slow.

Specifically, a 132wh battery is too small for safety, and 350w is too small to comfortably carry the American build.

The deal breaker: RANDOM SHUT OFFS (link here)

If you already have this one, make sure to work within the limits of the design. Charge before every ride, and if you think you're low, ride slow! This kind turns itself off at random.

If you're looking in this price range, I recommend the Huanxi H1 located at this link instead.

It's got the same size motor, but you get a safer 174wh battery and safety lights. is in direct communication with this company regarding safety concerns, and they just offer a good beginner unit at a solid price. I wouldn't push the range on that one either though, just to be safe.

Day 1:

Tini and I got our first electric unicycle today! I've been looking at things like the SBU self-balancing unicycle and the yikeBike mini farthing for years, and I even have an electric bicycle that I love. But this micro-unicycle style seems more practical for everyday use.

Here's the type I found (Non-affiliate Amazon Link)

This is the "cheap kind." A Chinese OEM version. It's available around the internet from about $250-$600+. Names include UpToSale, TG T3, and Muzeli. As far as I can tell, Muzeli is the actual manufacturer. I got one with no name on it from some Craigslist guy.

We got home real late, so I haven't tried it much. But, I. Can't. Even. Stand. Up. on the thing

Generic Self Balancing Electric Unicycle - TG T3 Style 132wh 350w - between feet

Day 2:

Riding electric unicycles is super addictive. It's so much fun you want to power through the hurt! The sides of my shins are all beat up. All that stuff about extra padding you see around, I didn't bother doing. But my lovely lady Tini is insisting on shin guards going forward for her delicate stems.

The pretty, blue muzeli has some new scars. The red side panel keeps falling off and then the battery is dangling by wires; scary stuff. There's all this partially dried white glue. I don't know what's from the factory and what were terribly done repairs.

Oh, I can ride like 5 feet before dropping the thing now! Had to stop after an hour of practice because the red side panel was falling off.

Generic Self Balancing Electric Unicycle - TG T3 Style 132wh 350w - Front View

Day 3:

Tini rode the microunicycle today! She is just as good as I was yesterday. We still need to buy shin guards. Look at her pretty bruise. She isn't making fun of me that much for putting the electric unicycle in the trunk when we go places. I love her so much. I can't wait until we each have our own and I hope we can both survive learning how to ride.

In retrospect new would probably have been a better idea. I reglued the side panel but who knows how long that bond will last.

I took a break today mostly but somehow I suddenly can ride 10-15 feet! Thanks brain. Next gotta learn to jump on without holding on to something.

Generic Self Balancing Electric Unicycle - TG T3 Style 132wh 350w - Side View

Day 4:

I can ride now. I rode a few blocks, very slow and top speed. In public, near pedestrians. Took one spill but now it basically feels normal.

We went to Costco, and I put the cart away while riding it. People saw. Tini didn't seem embarassed or surprised.

But later that night something amazing happened. We went to a nerd gaming meetup, and I wanted to get my copy of Set out of the car. It took me 15 minutes to walk to the car. BUT IT TOOK 3 MINUTES TO RIDE BACK!

All the coolest nerds wanted to see what it was at the meetup, and Tini had fun riding it leaning against the wall outside for a bit too.

A higher quality is worth the money. I can already tell this thing is going to be ultra useful.

Day 5:

SO, I took the side off and cleaned out the caulk or whatever with a knife. I was able to use screws to attach it, and used glue too. Anyway, now we have to wait the full 24 hour curing period to be safe. THAT'S WHAT I GET FOR BEING CHEAP. Here's the picture:



If it worked properly, this would be a great micro unicycle for a young teenager. But it doesn't. It turns itself off at random. Look elsewhere.

I highly recommend the Huanxi H1 Self Balancing Elevcric Unicycle. Read our Review Here!

Bonus Images:


Self Balancing Electric Unicycle - Shin Guards to avoid Shin Bruises