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Airwheel Q3 - 14" 260wh and 132wh two wheeled electric unicycle review


Two wheels sounds like it'd be easier, right? It can definitely be easier to convince someone to TRY a 2-wheel micro unicycle. But is it easier?

Well, it's easier for the first day. After that, it's just harder to control. You get twice the bumps, twice the lumps! You lean with the sidewalk and have to shove the foot pedal to the ground to turn. For most people, the advantage of this model is merely psychological, by which I mean it seems easier and don't know anyone else who rides so they buy it. Maybe this is going to get you riding! I recommend skipping it.

The battery has a long enough range if you get the higher models. We got the 260wh to test first, then I traded down to the 132wh version for the torture test. Basically, the design is OK but I haven't found a brand that's totally electrically safe yet. So if you're gonna get and Airwheel Q3 self balancing electric unicycle or something like it, get at least a 170wh battery and do not push your range.

The deal breaker: random shut downs (link here). This is just inexcusable, and avoidable.

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You lean with the sidewalk. It's just weird. My body isn't leaning that way, Airwheel Q3!

But, for some people the two-wheel design might be right. Who? Police and security guards. People riding it in the airport. Indoor riders who have to ride slow. This one might be a LITTLE easier. But they should probably get one of those funny looking 2 wheel side by side stick things instead (no link here). And maybe you like this kind! I met a guy today who loves his. If this is what it takes to get you riding, get on it!

Every Airwheel has loose pedals that swing around and hurt people. Plus, this thing weighs like 30 pounds. It didn't need help being difficult to carry but somehow Airwheel has managed to make it worse.

The only good thing I can say about this one is: it stands up on its own. Cool!

Airwheel Q3 - two wheeled self balancing electric unicycle - top angle


If you're gonna spend 40k on a car, are you gonna get the most expensive Hyundai? Nope. That's what this is: the most expensive Airwheel.

So you want a two wheeled electric unicycle anyway? Sorry, there's no brand I recommend, not yet. We can get you a cheap one though if you email us.

Get one with a single wheel, and not an Airwheel. If you're looking in this pricepoint, consider a Ninebot One (link here).

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Airwheel Q3 - two wheeled self balancing electric unicycle - Bottom View

Airwheel Q3 - two wheeled self balancing electric unicycle - Stands Up By Itself

Airwheel Q3 - two wheeled self balancing electric unicycle - Front View