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Big name brand of electric unicycles. Probably the most copied; not necessarily the best quality. The name costs money but isn't worth much.

Airwheel Q3:

Airwheel X3:

Airwheel X5:

Airwheel X8: 16" with a approx 172wh battery. Better than the cheapest ones out there. Gets the job done for the most part. Many owners crave more range and a better top speed. And less beeping.


Early models had major electrical design problems that caused safety issues, including unpredictable turn-offs. Some issues can be remedied with home modifications and some can not. All models are listed here, as they seem only to differ in battery size.


Gotway electric unicycles represent the gold standard of micro-unicycle performance and are generally considered to be reliable. They offer a wide variety of sizes, and at this time, all are the classic style with the box on top.

Gotway 8": Lots of fun for experienced riders.

Gotway 14" MCM2 / V2: (Are MCM2 and V2 the same thing?)

Gotway 18" MSuper:


Inmotion just makes the kind with 2 wheels close together. There's a great video out there of a guy using this style for filming. I've also read that sometimes a heasitant better half will prefer this styile over the one wheeled variety. Comparing different brands of this style might be on the menu down the road.

Inmotion V3:


IPS is generally considered to be a very reliable brand. They are on their second generation of unicycle style. The newer models retain the box on top, but the wheel is more exposed. Not the coolest or the fastest, but a good happy medium for the price.

IPS 121 / T350:

IPS 131 / F400:

IPS 132:

King Song

A newer brand, rumored to share motors with Gotway. If true, this might be a good budget option for those who are seeking performance and reliability without an expensive name. Not many reviews yet, check back.
King Song 14":

Legway / Urban Glider

Not considered a good brand.


Ninebot is the Apple of the bunch. Generally considered to be safe and reliable. Relatively compact, a little flashy with lights and a cool handle. A very strong brand, and a good option for someone who doesn't need the fastest one but wants a really, really good one. Oh yeah, they own Segway.

Ninebot One E:

Ninebot One E+:


This is one of those cheap brandings of a generic OEM unicycle. A relatively common one. It's nice to have around but you're gonna want something nicer.
TG F3:

TG T3:


SBU doesn't make micro-unicycles, their products all have seats. But they deserve an honorable mention as the patent holders.



Probably good if you can afford it, but most in the know would agree you can do better for the money. They make good stuff and some people swear by the brand.


This brand claims to be from Malaysia. They advertise a low, wide form factor. It's not the newest brand, but there aren't many reviews.

Credit to Esa J for compiling and helping to maintain this list. Further cultivated with permission.