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The best electric unicycle style doesn't have a seat! It's as easy to learn as riding a bicycle, HUGE FUN, and super convenient. This might be the best machine to get you from the train stop to your front stoop, no sweat. And seriously, remember that fun feeling riding a bike as a kid with your friends?

Now, we've all seen those "hoverboards" that don't hover! They were a funny trend, but they could never really get you around. Electric Unicycles are different, because with a single big wheel, they can handle rough terrain. This is the smoothest riding design for a small electric vehicle; much smoother than any electric scooter.

For different people, finding "the best electric unicycle" will mean different things. In fact, getting the wrong one can be dangerous! We are the experts, here to help you navigate this unfamiliar territory. Larger 18" wheel electric unicycles can handle higher speeds and off-road terrain. They are popular with enthusiasts and experienced riders. Smaller 14" electric unicycles are the size of a briefcase, perfect to fit under your seat at the restaurant. You never need to leave it in the rain like a bicycle, and they rarely get stolen.

Right now, purchasing the best electric unicycle out there might seem silly, but mark our words: Big things come in small packages. At, we love electric unicycles, but it's early technology; a confusing market right now. That's why we do the research: to get you riding tall and standing free! We're getting our hands on all the different micro unicycles out there and doing reviews, and reading all the nerd forums every day to find the truth about electric unicycles and keep you safe.

We put it all together to make it easy for you to ride the future! LEAVE THE SEAT BEHIND! It's unicycle time.


We've had a lot of people asking why we don't offer or endorse the lowest priced versions of this technology. After lengthy research and testing, the only brand we have found that addresses every cause for unexpected shut down is King Song. Here are some of the causes for unsafe behavior:

1. BMS shutdown

Most popular low-priced generic style brands, and many other popular brands of the last generation, are made with an electric bicycle style battery management system (BMS). This part can try to protect the battery and shut down instead of protecting the rider, even in the best conditions.

Brands known to be affected by a bad BMS include Airwheel, Firewheel, TG, Rockwheel, many other brand names, and most generic imported models. Even Ninebot has a battery management system with unknown variations. These can all be modified, but the safety of the modification is controversial.

2. Main board shutdown

As the battery gets lower, the voltage decreases. With lower voltage, a higher current is needed to produce the same power to the motor as with higher voltage. This causes heat, and if it gets too hot, the unicycle will shut down. This problem is solved in units with safe low-battery behavior; the best examples are Ninebot and King Song.

Speed can also cause main board shutdown. Most brands tilt back and beep to tell you to stop going faster, and some talk to you. Some unicycles will just go faster and faster until they turn off because the motor can't take it anymore. Gotway and Rockwheel are examples that will experience a speed-cliff type mainboard shutdown.

3. Overcharge Shutdown

If the battery gets too full, and you go down hill, it shuts off. As near as I can tell in my research only Ninebot One micro unicycles have been documented to do this.


Every self balancing electric unicycle behaves differently when the battery is low. Some will beep at you and tilt back, some vibrate, and some are so annoying you won't want to ride on a low battery at all (a Good Thing).

Because they're early technology, no brand of self balancing electric unicycle is perfect. Every brand of micro unicycle has limits and risks. The ideal electric unicycle should never ever shut down unexpectedly. This is the reason, while every manufacturer is contacting us repeatedly and incessantly, and some with very low prices, in our store we only offer King Song brand unicycles. King Song is the only brand we have found so far who addresses every reason for unexpected shut down.

We encourage early adopters to take their time and seek quality for the sake of safety, and always wear safety gear.

Read on, Ride on, and Stay safe!


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